Shamrock MMA

The Dawn Of A New Era

mmm_pic_WECbeltTo put it mildly, Frank Shamrock did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The bright-eyed youngster was born into a world of intense difficulty and began experiencing the harsh realities of life, at a very early age.

Yet, somehow, this troubled youth battled insurmountable odds, turned the tables to his advantage, became a champion (in and out of the cage) and emerged as one of the greatest combative sports practitioners the world has ever known.

Today, Frank Shamrock’s amazing rags-to-riches story has become a source of hope, inspiration and guidance for people of all ages, in every endeavor, across the globe.
He was born Frank Alicio Juarez III on December 8, 1972, at the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, California. A sensitive child, raised into a family plagued with challenges, Frank’s early life was riddled with violence, poverty and trouble.

Rejecting his family, Frank became a juvenile delinquent at the age of 12. He had been placed in various foster homes, group homes, crisis centers, state wards and eventually jail, at the age of 18.

The future “Legend” was off to a very rocky start, indeed.

But Frank’s life began to change for the better when Bob Shamrock, a kindhearted man who was known for providing shelter for many troubled youths, took a liking to Frank and eventually adopted him.

At the age of 18, Frank went to live with Bob in Susanville, California, and finally had a newfound sense of stability in his life, as he began to experience the basic security and comforts of having a “family.”

At the age of 21, Bob Shamrock officially adopted Frank, hence, the name Frank Shamrock was born.

Shortly thereafter, Frank began fighting in a variety of hardcore NHB and MMA competitions. This resulted in his meteoric rise to fame as an undisputed, world-caliber fighter, as detailed in the “History” portion of this website.

Pic_FSandMoSmithHowever, Frank Shamrock has always been more than just a gifted fighter. Behind the scenes, those in his inner circle know him to be a brilliant thinker and a steadfast “agent of change” with a keen visionary perspective.

After all, it was Frank Shamrock who had the foresight to incorporate the teachings of the legendary Karl “The God Of Wrestling” Gotch, as he was developing his now famous Shamrock Submission Fighting system.

It was Frank Shamrock who detected the impending need for striking skills in Full Contact/NHB, so the created the “Alliance” with Maurice Smith (Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion) and Tyoshi Kohsaka (Judo and Jujitsu Champion).

It was Frank Shamrock who brought his new “Alliance” and Shamrock Submission Fighting to the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) in San Jose, California, where his leadership, training ethic and techniques would have a Gotch-like effect on the unknown kickboxing school and quickly put it on the map.

And, it was Frank Shamrock who launched Strikeforce, which is now one of the most highly recognized brands in MMA competition and a mainstay on primetime television. The list goes on and on…

Yes, Frank Shamrock is a futurist with a powerful imagination. His ability to think outside the box is equal to his ability to fight inside the cage – a very rare combination, indeed.

But when you take away all the fanfare, prestigious championship belts, glory, fame and fortune – at its deepest core – Frank Shamrocks’ story is a story of hope.

Pic_FScageFrank Shamrock is living proof that you can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, rise up from the ashes and emerge victorious, even when the deck is so largely stacked against you.

Frank did it…and so can you.

However, as Frank has taught us, success doesn’t come without its price. It requires raw determination, focus, a winning attitude, belief in one’s self, confidence, constant adjustments and tremendous practice.

Frank symbolizes the truism, “Whatever we believe and can conceive, we can achieve.” He lives his life by these words and has demonstrated this message to millions of others, during his career.

A New Beginning

Pic_Vision_FSsuitFrank Shamrock has spent the past 15 years of his life in pursuit of becoming one of the greatest combatants of all time. Inarguably, he has achieved his goal…and then some.

During his journey, Frank has amassed a wealth of knowledge that jettisons him into a unique category of wisdom and credibility that is without equal within the MMA fight game and most other places.

As a child, he mustered the internal power to rise up from the dark depths of a severely problematic upbringing. As a fighter, he has had many victories and some failures, all of which have taught him valuable lessons about himself and his art. As an entrepreneur he’s earned millions. As a lifelong student, he’s learned volumes about fighting, business, success, human nature, fitness, motivation, public speaking, acting, psychology and leadership.

All of these experiences, encounters, lessons, studies and accomplishments have finally culminated. They have led him to the here and now, and ultimately define the man who IS Frank Shamrock, today.

And so the foundation has been set for the next step in Frank Shamrock’s evolution. It is time now to turn the page and begin a new chapter; a more meaningful one.

Pic_Vision_KidsbeltAt this stage of the game, Frank’s mission is to give back, to use his powerful brand for the betterment of society and to help make a monumental difference in the lives of others. From the troubled youth to the cheering MMA fan, to the struggling business owner to the successful entrepreneur, Shamrock MMA is a lifestyle brand that offers something for everyone.

Yes, Frank Shamrock’s story symbolizes hope.

In fact, Frank founded Shamrock MMA on the belief that he can help anyone with the will to succeed. He can show anyone how to make that big turnaround, live life to the fullest and become a healthy, happy, successful and prosperous individual.

Pic_vision_FSstareFrank Shamrock is a visionary.

His vision for Shamrock MMA is crystal clear. And, he is the one-mixed martial arts pioneer and superstar, who is properly poised and positioned to inspire the masses to aim for a brighter future through the benefits he and Shamrock MMA bring to bare.

His Shamrock MMA organization is barreling forward like a runaway train and is fast changing how the world views MMA training, especially the image it projects.

By providing a wholesome representation through a vast array of media platforms, by offering a diverse range of safe, effective, family-friendly MMA related products and services and by blending tradition with innovation, Shamrock MMA is shifting the paradigm of mixed martial arts and expanding its own brand globally.

Shamrock MMA is the only organization of its kind capable of changing the lives of millions of people for
the better.

Pic_vision_entrance2Frank Shamrock’s message is one of resilience, victory, perseverance, prosperity, human spirit, personal improvement and living life with the heart of a champion.

This defines where Frank Shamrock has been…this forecasts where Frank Shamrock is going…this exemplifies what Frank Shamrock represents. And changing more lives through Shamrock MMA is his vision.

The lights have dimmed, the bell has rung and the legacy continues. This IS the dawn of a new era…

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