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FINALLY – A Safe, Fun Approach To Teaching Mixed Martial Arts To Adults – That Projects A Wholesome Image – And Dramatically Increases Your Revenues!

Pic_AdultMMA_01Shamrock MMA is a highly specialized, innovative, group Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program, suitable for any adult interested in safely learning MMA fighting skills, boosting confidence and staying in great shape.

Founded by five-time, UFC World Middleweight Champion, Frank Shamrock, Shamrock MMA’s program for adults offers a safe, fun, effective MMA workout that is a cut way above typical fitness, MMA or martial arts classes.

The program is modern, energetic, reality based and totally turnkey for the owners of martial arts schools, gyms, fitness centers and health clubs.

The patented curriculum teaches Frank Shamrock’s proven brand of Mixed Martial Arts instruction, which utilizes a traditional martial arts cultural foundation, to give students the most well-rounded and diverse skill set possible.

Mixed Martial Arts has never been hotter!

Millions of fans are chomping at the bit to become involved. They want to train, but they don’t know where to do it, and they definitely don’t want to get hurt.

Imagine how your clients will react when they find out you’re offering a safe, classy, well structured, high-energy MMA program, developed by Frank “The Legend” Shamrock – one of the most successful and popular MMA fighters of all time.

Pic_AdultMMA_02The benefits for participants include:

• A safe, fun MMA program with a healthy image
• Learn martial arts, “The Shamrock Way”
• Increases strength, flexibility, speed and endurance
• Practical, proven self-defense training that works
• Releases stress, tension, anxiety and fear
• Gets rid of unwanted pounds and tones muscles
• Dramatically improves confidence and self-esteem
• It’s “cool” to be in on the MMA action
• No prior experience required

The benefits for facility owners include:

• Open your facility to an entirely new market of prospects
• Receive the branding materials, curriculums and support you need to market and launch Shamrock MMA in your facility
• A safe, fun MMA program that fits your healthy image
• Enjoy a major added profit center
• Differentiate from your competition
• Facilitates new enrollments, renewals, upgrades and product sales
• Become part of the prestigious Shamrock MMA family and capitalize on Frank’s world’s famous brand

Shamrock MMA
It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

Programs_MMAIf you’d like to learn more about licensing Shamrock MMA’s adult MMA program for your facility, please click here! 

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