Here’s Your Chance To Be Personally Trained, Coached And Mentored By “The Legend!” 

Each year, Frank Shamrock accepts only five lucky individuals into his Private, Elite Coaching program. Will you be one of them?

Pic_MMA_FSkneeFrank Shamrock’s “Private, Elite Coaching” is an exclusive, one-on-one program that is custom designed to help you blast through barriers and reach your true potential as a fighter, businessperson and human being.

This is THE opportunity of a lifetime!

So, if you’re 100% serious about becoming the best fighter that you can possibly be, then who better to train you than five-time UFC World Champion and “King of Pancrase,” the one-and-only, Frank Shamrock.

This prestigious, year long program will rocket your fight skills, boost your self-confidence and develop your mindset for success, like nothing else you will ever do.

As a Shamrock private coaching client, you’ll begin networking, masterminding and training on a regular basis with Mr. Shamrock himself; one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time.

Then, as you earn Frank’s trust, he will begin sharing his most closely guarded fight secrets with you and reveal tricks of the trade that only a few other insiders have ever discovered.

During the course, Frank will get to know you quickly. He will have a crystal clear understanding of your primary goals and objectives. He will detect your strengths and weaknesses as a fighter. Then, he will personally train and coach you, so that you can develop the mental and physical skills you need to quickly take your game to the next level…and way beyond.

Plus, if you wish, Frank’s mentoring can extend beyond the cage.

See, Frank is not your typical fighter. He is a multi-millionaire and a highly successful entrepreneur, who understands business at its highest level. He is willing to “show you the way,” if you’re interested in having him to share his private Business Combat Management System with you, as part of your training.

Why is this important? Let’s just say you don’t want to end up being another broke fighter!

Now, it goes without saying that Frank Shamrock is one busy individual.

He is currently in partnerships with prominent companies such as CBS, Showtime, Tapout and EA Sports. He’s commentating for all of Strikeforce’s live, televised events. He’s hosting MMA For Dummies book signings around the country, acting, doing interviews with major media, making television appearances, running multiple businesses of his own and being a devoted family man.

So, due to time constraints, Frank can only accept five fortunate, highly committed, trustworthy, likeable, teachable individuals into this ultra-elite, private, mentoring program, each year.

But, those who do qualify will receive the following extraordinary benefits:

  • Four, private 1-on-1 training sessions – LIVE in San Jose, California – with Frank Shamrock.
  • Each of the four sessions will be held over a 2-day period that includes at least 8 hours of physical, on the mat training with Mr. Shamrock, based upon the fight objectives you want to accomplish.
  • Level one, level two and level three certifications for teaching the Shamrock MMA fighting system. For your convenience, the camps for each level are offered throughout the year.
  • Six video critiques per year, where Frank will personally provide you with written and/or verbal coaching that will help you improve your fight game and reach your goals.
  • A private, thirty-minute consulting call with Frank Shamrock on months when there are no in-person, two-day training sessions. (Eight per year.)
  • Private email access to Frank Shamrock, in which your training, business and life questions will be answered to the best of his abilities.
  • Any information products, online services, seminars or events offered by Shamrock MMA , during your membership term, will be provided to you at no charge.
  • Possible opportunities to network with Frank’s vast Rolodex of celebrity friends, famous fighters, high-powered entrepreneurs, fight promoters, financiers and top executives. (This one perk alone could more than pay for the program’s tuition.)
  • The opportunity for a moneymaking joint venture with Frank. As long as your ideas make sense, they will be given priority consideration.
  • FREE admission – for you and one guest – into any and all Strikeforce live MMA fight events that take place during the one-year term of your membership. You will attend as a VIP guest of Frank Shamrock. (Strikeforce presently hosts 10 live, televised events per year.)
  • A personalized, insider’s yourname@shamrockmma. com email address for communicating with Frank Shamrock and his team.
  • Much more…

Obviously, a high-end, private coaching program, where you’re being tutored by a bona fide, mainstream celebrity of Frank Shamrock’s caliber, cannot, and should not, be inexpensive. The tuition for this program is sizable and therefore it is certainly not for everyone.

However, if you believe that you truly have what it takes to step up to the plate and get involved. If you realistically feel that you should be considered for this valuable opportunity. And, if you have the financial wherewithal to play in this league, then please complete the confidential, online application at the bottom of this page.

Your application will be carefully reviewed and an email response will be sent back to you in a timely manner.

Again, only five, fortunate individuals- throughout the entire world – will be awarded a membership.

Once these five openings are filled, we will be deferring qualified individuals to our waiting list for next year. So don’t wait. Submit your request NOW!

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