Fitness Fighting Gets Women Into The Best Mental And Physical Shape Of Their Lives!

When Fitness And Fighting Fuse…The End Result Is Many Happy Clients…And Plenty of Added Profits For You!

Pic_Fitness_kickFitness Fighting is an entirely new and innovative martial arts fitness program offered exclusively by Shamrock MMA.

It’s the perfect additional profit center for any martial arts school, fitness center, health club or gym. Plus, as a licensee, you’ll be able to use the powerful Shamrock MMA brand to attract loads of new clients and set yourself apart from the competition.

This women’s only training program combines realistic, practical, and modern self-defense techniques and philosophy, with a scientifically designed aerobic and muscular conditioning workout.

So Fitness Fighting is no ordinary fitness class. And, it’s never boring.

Fitness Fighting is a unique, fast-paced, high energy, training program with a HUGE bonus. Not only will students get into the best shape of their lives, but they’ll also learn life-saving, self-defense skills…”The Shamrock Way.”

Program_FitnessFitness Fighting workouts offer many powerful benefits, including:

• Burns hundreds of calories per workout!
• Slims the hips, buttocks, midsection and thighs
• Raises confidence, esteem and self-image
• Tones muscles from head-to-toe
• Teaches practical self-defense and rape prevention strategies
• Decreases stress and increases mental alertness
• Jump starts the libido
• Increases strength, flexibility, energy and endurance
• No prior experience necessary

Pic_Fitness_happyclientIt’s time to empower your clients with Fitness Fighting
– an ingenious approach to a new fitness lifestyle -
offered ONLY by Shamrock MMA

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